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The tile stickers provide a modern look with classic inspirations for the interior walls and floor of any space. Its cozy and comfortable appearance makes it compatible with all styles of decoration, from the modern to the more traditional. The tile stickers create a distinctive aesthetic result for each design turning them into prominent points in any space. At Bohem interiors we offer kitchen tile stickers, wall tile stickers, floor tile stickers, and more.

Wall Tile Stickers - Kitchen Tile Stickers - Floor Tile Stickers

Rabat Stair Stickers


Costa Tile Stickers


Amalfi Tile Stickers


Mondecor Tile Sti...


Rabat Tile Stickers


Alsha Tile stickers


Casablanca Stair ...


Badoi Tile Stickers


Moroccan Hexagon ...


Marrakech Tile St...


Alistar Tile Stic...


Santori Tile Stic...


Santorini Stair S...


Florence Tile Sti...


Yasi Wall Tiles


Bologna Wall Stic...


Marcella Tile Sti...


Moranti Tile Stic...


Alisha Tile Stickers


Ubud Tile Stickers


Tiznit Floor Stic...

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